Tonight’s Dinner January 20th


Garlic mushrooms, garlic and her hasselback sweet potato and honey mustard chicken breast.


It’s been a while….

I have been a bit off track the last couple of months with going to the gym and eating properly. My schedule has changed, I no longer weekend evenings. I now work overnights primarily and it has been a time of adjustment.

My boyfriend has also been sick – he has high blood pressure and is currently taking medication so it has jump started things again, at least food wise. We got comfortable in the relationship and we both have gained some weight back so now it is time to take care of ourselves and each other so we can continue to build a strong relationship.

I am going to start trying to log my meals on here with photos and descriptions. I may not do it daily but I am going to really try and focus on being accountable for what I put in my body.

Live and Learn


Another day, another lesson learned. A friend of mine took me out for lunch yesterday at our favorite restaurant and we went completely overboard but it ended up being the only meal I had all day. I know I probably went over my calories with the one meal and I had been so Gung ho about yesterday and starting anew.

I’m frustrated with myself but I don’t want to beat myself up. My boyfriend and I got into the gym for our fifth straight day and I feel good. Now, my goal is to eat clean for at least five days straight with one treat night. I will need to avoid Tim Horton’s, and the bakery at the local transit station. I know my triggers, now it is about self control!

Day 2 – Learned My Lesson


This is day 2 after going overboard yesterday food wise. I felt so bad with how my day started off eating wise but I wanted to make my calorie goal so I skipped lunch and by the time my boyfriend came home I was ravenous hungry and had no energy to cook and neither did he. So we ordered pizza and wings.

I definitely regret it now but it has taught me that skipping meals is already not a healthy decision to be making but I need to look how it messed up my metabolism and made me make a bad decision. I try not to put myself down and guilt myself but yesterday was bad. Now it is time to put it behind me and start fresh!

August 6th, 2015




I found this dress and loved it but when I put it on, I see flaws… round stomach, flabby arms and my almost lack of a waistline. I want to use these photos and this dress and the push I need to get back to the way I was 3 years ago…active, slimmer and confident. Part of it that needs the most work is my eating and I know it. I am very lucky in that I am in a relationship where he cares about me now at this size but supports me in wanting to get healthy as it is something he too has struggled with and has made progress with. He is active and watches what he eats, although recently we have gone out more and treated ourselves so we have both vowed to get back on track. I am hoping that by taking updated photos on every Thursday night that I will start to see the difference from now to in the next six months.